Are You Suffering from Fistula in ano ?

Facing Periodic discharge from fistula ?

Fade up of cleaning & changing cottons ?

Having single or multiple tract openings ?

Frustrated with repeated Open surgeries ?

Faced terrific pain of ksharasutra threads ?

Already got operated for peri-anal abscess ?

Fistula Can be Treated with...
Ayurvedic PF2-CURETM

Naturally Dries & Closes Fistula Tracts

Without any Surgeries, Threads & lasers

Expels the contamination from Fistula Cavity

Treats Infection & Inflammation of Anal Glands

Treats swelling & inflammation of fistula opening

More than a miracle PF2-CURE™ is herbal blend of high potency extracts of thirteen herbs including pure silver. This powerful combination treats all stages of anal abscess & fistula from the roots.

For any patient the immediate requirement is to solve the symptoms of disease so that his daily routine & responsibilities will not suffer. PF2-CURE™ is a unique ayurvedic treatment that gives relief in all fistula associated discomforts in one week only & finally closes the fistula tracts from the root. This single ayurvedic treatment has a multidisciplinary approach & act as natural.

Use PF2-CURE™ to avoid Costly, Unsafe & Painful Operations

Journey of fistula-in-ano patient starts with a topical cleaning of fistula opening with minor cut surgery associated with a course of painkillers antibiotics & stool softeners. Practitioner repeats this process time to time as per the recurrence however after certain time interval fistula further grows inside in terms of length, diameter & sometimes branching. By this stage patient is supposed to forced for a costly surgical technique. There are n number of techniques however all the surgeries includes anaesthesia, painkillers , antibiotics associated with a long recovery time, however chances of recurrence are very high in fistula. PF2-CURE™ greatly reduces the necessity of surgery & treats fistula from the roots.

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Faq's About Fistula in Ano

How to take PF2-CURE™ for fistula?
☛ Patient has to take only one capsule early in the morning empty stomach with normal water and remain empty stomach for one hour except water nothing to be taken in this duration.

Is PF2-CURE™ a safe treatment?
☛ PF2-CURE™ is approved ayurvedic treatment which is 100% Ayurvedic & natural treatment made up of high potency herbal extracts and powders. Treatment is absolutely safe for pregnant women and old age individuals also.

What are the precautions to be taken in fistula problem?
☛ Avoid excessive oily spicy food, non-veg , Brinjal and any heavy food that can create constipation. Have easily digestible lite vegetarian food.

How much time it will take to solve my fistula problem?
☛ In case of Fistula everything depends on the length & diameter of fistula tract, also it greatly depends on the branching of fistula tract also. There are two months old subcutaneous fistulas which are even solved with a single course of PF2-CURE™ whereas there are some multiple tract five year’s old fistulas which require continuous dosages for three months also. However even in older complicated cases also Patient starts feeling improvement in a week only.

Which is a best test for diagnosing and measuring fistula?
☛ Although some dye injection tests are popular in association with X-Ray studies, still the best way to diagnose fistula in ano is MRI fistulogram. This gives exact details about length, diameter, branching and exact location of fistula tract.

How do I know I’m having fistula in ano?
☛ Generally fistula starts with very simple looking pin hole pimple like opening near or within anus. This may be associated with pain swelling and puss discharge with or without or mixed blood in it.

What is complicated fistula?
☛ Untreated or long term existed fistula may communicate internally with rectum also. Patient even can self diagnose this by feeling a pinching sensation in fistula opening while passing a gas. Such cases take time to solve as PF2-CURE™ can initially closes the communication of fistula tract with rectum and then it fills the fistula tract.

My fistula problem will be treated for lifetime with PF2-CURE™ ?
☛ PF2-CURE™ is a root cause treatment for fistula. However MRI or equivalent analytical techniques are still advisable to perform even after 1-2 months of non- existence of fistula symptoms.

How to maintain hygiene of fistula wounds?
☛ It is absolutely compulsory to maintain daily hygiene of fistula opening. Once or twice steam application for 3-5 minutes along with regular cleaning and drying with some antiseptic liquid. Patient can also apply some antibacterial powder on the opening at last. This process is to be followed till fistula is open.

Will surgery solves fistula in ano?
☛ Success rate of surgery in fistula is low and chances of recurrence in fistula are quiet common. Surgery of perianal abscess has around 65% chance of conversion into fistula. Also surgery has its own drawbacks of anaesthesia, pain killers & long duration of antibiotics.

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